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Here's just a few of our favorite vendors, the people who make our events unforgettable. Explore their websites and fall in love with them like we did. 

Faithful Anchor

Faithful Anchor is a music company offering DJ services from Chicago.  The company is captained by DJ Dan Maloney, a seasoned veteran of Chicago's music and vinyl DJ scene and songwriter and frontman for the band Death Ships. Dan's musical knowledge is informed by working in and managing record stores in Chicago and Iowa City over the past 15 years. With Faithful Anchor, Dan provides a fun, unique, and memorable musical vibe for your wedding, bar, corporate, or private event.  Maloney has thousands of vinyl records to accommodate numerous musical styles and vibes but he specializes in Rock/ Pop/ Soul/ Hip Hop/ Garage/ Psych/ Disco/ Boogie/ Country/ Folk/ Singer/Songwriter/ Punk/ World & Dance.  Faithful Anchor is available to do all vinyl events with varying genres based upon request.

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Tiffany Aufmann

hi! i'm tiffany! 

photographer of love+beauty+fun. city dweller. world explorer. adventure seeker. in love with two of the best dudes; one who can't be tamed and one who keeps me tame. hoarder of yarn+sprinkles+coffee mugs. blanket maker. cookie baker. rump shaker. beer drinker. black thumb. book worm. former groupie+wild child. wannabe ravensclaw, actually slytherin.



Vivid Photo and Video


I strive to capture the human existence in all of its joy, beauty and nobility. I believe all people are equally beautiful on the inside and I fall in love with them and their stories all the time. Truth be told, it is the best job in the world : capturing people’s love for one another and for that I am tremendously grateful.

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The Lark and The Loon

"The Lark and the Loon are a songwriting duo consisting of husband/wife team Jeff Rolfzen and Rocky Steen-Rolfzen. The two bring their distinct writing styles together in what they call an exploration in the etymology of American music."


You couldn't imagine a cuter pair to bring live music to your wedding. The Lark and the Loon bring Americana to 2018 in a way that makes you feel endless joy. 

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